Thursday, November 27, 2003

election thoughts

slept early last night so i woke up really early. decided to go for a walk and go to comelec to revalidate my registration.

bad idea. was all sweaty when i got to comelec. while waiting in line i realized that they were taking pictures and would be issuing ids. i looked like shit. as i was about to change my mind, the lady took my validation form to verify my precinct number.

too late. my form was on queue. syet.

oh well. fingerprints were taken, electronic version of signatures too (coolnessssss!). then the dreaded moment. picture taking.

i looked drunk in my first picture. so i asked the lady nicely if i could have a retake. sure, she said. so i had another one taken.

i looked high. hehehe. i had decided to smile. my eyes became smaller and i looked like i had just finished a joint or two.

oh well. would've asked for a third take if it would have made a difference. but then again there were people waiting in line waiting to have their ugly pictures taken too.

my sister said that that picture will be used for the national id system. damn. and double damn. for the rest of my life????


on other matters, the old guy next to me asked me whom i was voting for. i said i 'd pick the lesser evil.

as of today i still don't know. fpj declared that he is running for president. susan roces was in tears. hell, i'd be in tears too.

i wonder what's going to happen to the philippines?

i'm sure of one thing though. those who don't vote lose the right to complain. and i will not lose that right.

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